About Tradie Tech Solutions

Your Job Management Software Partner

The path to simplicity in job management can be labyrinthine, fraught with complex software and exorbitant costs. At Tradie Tech Solutions, we've walked this path for 18 years, and it's our mission to lay down a smoother road for trades and service businesses like yours. We're not just partners; we're collaborators in your journey towards operational excellence.

Our alliance with leading platforms like ServiceM8, Fergus, Gorilla Desk, Ascora, and others, is a testament to our commitment to finding the perfect fit for your unique needs. Our mission is fueled by strategic insights and a wealth of expertise, aimed at propelling businesses of all sizes towards growth and optimization through unparalleled software solutions.

Raymond McConville - Founder

Our Vision

At Tradie Tech Solutions, our sights are set on more than just overcoming operational hurdles. We envision a world where trades and service businesses are empowered to not just succeed, but to redefine success through technological integration and strategic innovation. Let’s build this future together, one streamlined operation at a time.

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A Small but Mighty Team