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Having spent 17 years in the pest control industry, both in the field and as a business owner, I've seen firsthand the challenges and requirements unique to our trade. At Tradie Tech Solutions, we've sifted through numerous software options and identified the top three that stand out for their robust features, user-friendliness, and industry-specific capabilities, making them the best pest control software choices in Australia.



Designed for Pest Control businesses, ServiceM8 offers powerful job management capabilities, making it easy to schedule, dispatch, and manage jobs from initial contact to invoicing. Its seamless integration with accounting software like Xero and QuickBooks simplifies your financial processes, ensuring a smooth operation.



An all-in-one platform transforming Pest Control business operations, Formitize includes smart mobile forms, a CRM system, job scheduling, and comprehensive reporting tools. Ideal for businesses aiming to go paperless and streamline workflows. This system boasts Australian-based support and partnership with Tradie Tech Solutions.



GorillaDesk provides Pest Control businesses with intuitive job scheduling, invoicing, and customer tracking, simplifying field service management. Its comprehensive features support everything from job quoting GorillaDesk integrates with various accounting tools and is partnered with Tradie Tech Solutions for enhanced service support.

Pest Control

Enhancing Your Operations with CRM and Accounting Integration

To complement your job management system, we recommend considering Lana Software for CRM and leveraging Xero or QuickBooks for accounting. These integrations provide a holistic approach to managing your pest control business, ensuring you have all the tools you need for success.

Lana Tradie Software - Tradie Tech Solutions Partner

Lana Tradie Software

Lana Tradie Software stands out for its automated messaging system, designed specifically for pest control businesses. This system ensures seamless customer interactions by automatically responding to inquiries, providing updates, and following up on every job, effectively placing customer communication on autopilot. This feature is particularly beneficial for managing and nurturing leads, enhancing the customer experience, and improving operational efficiency without the constant need for manual intervention.

Mink Media - Tradie Tech Solutions Partner

Mink Media

Mink Media specializes in creating Local SEO websites, ensuring businesses rank higher in search results within their local area. Their services focus on enhancing local visibility, attracting more targeted traffic, and ultimately increasing leads and sales for businesses seeking a strong local online presence. By optimizing for local search, Mink Media helps businesses connect with their community and stand out in competitive markets.

Pest Control

How Tradie Tech Solutions Can Help

Choosing the right software is just the beginning. At Tradie Tech Solutions, we offer personalized onboarding and ongoing tech support to ensure you get the most out of your chosen system. From assessing your specific needs to providing industry-specific training and support, we're here to be your personal tech team.

1 to 1 Sessions

Transform your business with a 90-minute ServiceM8 session! Automate, streamline, and never be the bottleneck again. Tailor-made solutions for every enquiry and job.

Account Onboarding

Streamline your ServiceM8 setup with customized training packages, from basic to advanced levels, tailored for any business size. Elevate efficiency and expertise effortlessly.

Remote Support

Our remote support options include Zoom, allowing us to effectively communicate with our customers through screen sharing to visualize and address issues or objectives.

Custom Forms

Ditch the paper and go digital with ServiceM8! Let me swiftly transform your forms into ServiceM8-ready formats, boosting efficiency with no effort on your part. Click for a quote and elevate your workflow today!

Strategy + Training

Unlock the full potential of ServiceM8 with our Strategy + Training Session! Dive into a customized experience to streamline, automate, and optimize your business operations. Leave empowered and equipped to elevate.

Admin Support

Elevate your business with our admin support services, tailored for remote efficiency. Through Zoom, we engage in real-time, allowing for clear, visual collaboration on your unique challenges and objectives.

Pest Control

Ready to Transform Your Pest Control Business?

Don't let software complexities hold you back from taking your pest control business to the next level. With our industry experience and tailored support, Tradie Tech Solutions is your partner in digital transformation. Contact us today to get started and unlock the full potential of your business with the best pest control software in Australia.