Customized ServiceM8 Support Sessions

Enhance your business efficiency and streamline operations with our ServiceM8 support sessions. Whether you're looking to save time, automate processes, or tailor a unique strategy, we're here to guide you every step of the way.

Support Packages

Streamlined Success:
90-Minute Collaboration Session

Transform your approach to every job and enquiry with our Streamlined Success session. In just 90 minutes, we'll co-create a bespoke blueprint tailored to your business's unique needs, ensuring you have a robust system in place for seamless operations.

Customized Action Plan

Dive deep into a personalized strategy session aimed at crafting a detailed action plan for handling various jobs and enquiries.

Process Optimization

Say goodbye to starting from scratch for each project. We'll introduce streamlined processes to boost your efficiency dramatically.

Pre-Session Insight Gathering

Receive a set of thought-provoking questions before our session to help us hit the ground running and ensure we focus on what matters most to you.

Hands-On Collaboration

Work side-by-side with an expert to devise a straightforward system tailored to your business's specific needs.

Perfect Equilibrium

Learn how to strike the ideal balance between offering a personalized touch and utilizing efficient templating for your services.

Strategic Implementation

Walk away with practical, ready-to-implement strategies that will make an immediate difference in your day-to-day operations.

Streamlined Success: 90-Minute Collaboration Session

Efficiency by Design: Transform Your Workflow in 90 Minutes
Investment $299 + Gst


Automate Your Success:
The 90-Minute Transformation

Transform your business in just 90 minutes with 'Automate Your Success.' Streamline tasks, enhance efficiency, and focus on growth with customized ServiceM8 automation. Let's make your operations effortlessly efficient!

Comprehensive Automation Setup

Learn how to automate your business processes with ServiceM8, from booking reminders to follow-up quotes and payment reminders.

Efficiency Boost

Streamline operations and save time by automating repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus on what you enjoy in your business.

Expert Guidance

Receive personalized support in setting up automation tailored to your business needs.

Enhanced Customer Communication

Automate customer interactions, including review requests and service reminders, without the awkwardness.

Financial Promptness

Tackle late payments efficiently with automated reminders, reducing uncomfortable conversations.

Long-Term Benefits

Set up your business for ongoing efficiency with automation that works continuously behind the scenes.

Automate Your Success: The 90-Minute Transformation

Set It, Forget It, Grow Your Business
Investment $299 + Gst


Customized Success Blueprint:
The 90-Minute Sucess Blueprint

Transform your ServiceM8 experience with a 90-minute tailored session, crafting a personalized action plan to optimize your business operations and boost efficiency with expert guidance.

Personalized Strategy

Tailor-made session focusing on your unique business challenges and goals.

Expert Guidance

Leverage years of expertise and insights from extensive ServiceM8 use across a variety of clients.

Confidence Boost

Gain the knowledge and assurance to optimize and transform your ServiceM8 setup.

Actionable Plan

Walk away with a specific, actionable plan to implement changes that will enhance your business operations.

Business Empowerment

Use ServiceM8 not just as a tool, but as a driving force behind your business's efficiency and growth.

Gain invaluable insights

Uncover hidden features and shortcuts that can further streamline your workflow and enhance service delivery.

Customized Success Blueprint: The 90-Minute Sucess Blueprint

Empower Your Business with Personalized Strategy and Expert Insight
Investment $299 + Gst


ServiceM8 Mastery:
Custom Strategy & Training

Transform your approach to ServiceM8 with our mastery package, offering personalized training, comprehensive audits, and strategic insights to revolutionize your business operations. Practical Insights and Tips: Gain practical advice on workflow enhancement, payment processing, client management, and more, tailored to streamline your operations.

Tailored Strategy and Training

Receive a bespoke session that aligns with your business needs and goals, leveraging ServiceM8 to its full potential.

Comprehensive Account Audit

Benefit from a thorough review of your ServiceM8 setup to identify areas for optimization and improvement.

Interactive Learning Experience

Engage in a 60-90 minute Zoom session with screen sharing for a hands-on approach to training and strategy development.

Persistent Resources

Access a recording of your session and slide copies for reference, available on a teaching platform for convenient review.

Extended Support

Enjoy the reassurance of 7 days of follow-up support via email to address any lingering questions.

Wide-ranging Coverage

Explore a variety of topics from templating and automation to online booking setups and customer engagement strategies.

ServiceM8 Mastery: Custom Strategy & Training

Unlock Full Potential: Tailor-Made Strategy & Training for ServiceM8 Excellence
Investment $499 + Gst


Software comparison

ServiceM8 Alternatives



$ 29.99 / month per user
  •    Smart Forms
  •    Jobs
  •    CRM
  •    Workflows
  •    Safety
  •    Accounts
  •    Business Onboarding Partner

Pest Register - Mira


$ 36.00 / month per user
  •    Forms & Reporting
  •    Client Management
  •    Job Scheduling
  •    Finance & Invoicing
  •    Business Management
  •    Inventory
  •    Business Onboarding Partner



$ 49.00 / month per user
  • ic_SCHEDULINGCreated with Sketch.    CRM
  • ic_ CALENDARCreated with Sketch.    Scheduling
  • ic_ROUTE PLANNINGCreated with Sketch.    Route Planning
  • ic_REPLAY    GPS Tracking
  • ic_“ON MY WAY” TEXT MESSAGES    Custom Texting
  • ic_OVERWATCH    Customer Portal
  •    Business Onboarding Partner

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